Meat Grinders

Working with sharp plates and knives makes manual grinders easier on the arm and puts less strain on the motors of electric grinders.  Over time, knives chip and dull and plates become worn down. Resurfacing both tools offers a clean, fresh surface perfect for getting excellent results with less smearing and jamming. 

We make the process of sharpening your Grinder knives and plates fast and easy! All customers of Bison Food Equipment are welcome to ship us knives and plates to have sharpened.  Turn around time on Grinder Knives and Plates is about 7-9 days.  We carefully ship back the sharpened products.  

Knife Sharpening 

Dull knives can cause you a lot of frustration when you’re trying to achieve the perfect cut. We help you get great slices, every time. Did you know that sharpening your blades is more cost-effective than purchasing new ones? A high-quality blade can be sharpened repeatedly with positive results. We keep your business running efficiently with our sharpening services.

We work with a local knife sharpener who has been in the business for years.

He is fast and efficient and provides excellent craftsmanship.