KVP 420 Parts List


Part Number Description
100-420-002Lid Gasket
100-420-003Upper Silicone Bracket
100-420-004Silicone Strip
100-420-005Lid Connect Bracket
100-420-006Lid Cross Rod
100-420-015Lid Rod End Nut
100-420-021Lid Release Spring
100-420-026Teflon Tape Strip
100-420-027CSeal Bar Complete
100-420-028Seal Bar Bracket
100-420-029Tape Holder Bracket
100-420-031Seal Bar Holder
100-420-033Seal Bar Bladder
100-420-034Bag Retainer Bar
100-420-035Bladder Bracket Base
100–040Display Board, Plastic Insert
100-420-04220 M Pump
100-420-043P20 AMP Breaker Pump
100-420-043S16 AMP Breaker, Seal
100-420-043T3 amp Breaker Transformer
100-420-04415 MM Solenoid
100-420-0456 MM Solenoid
100-420-045CSolenoid valve Assy.
100-420-046Large Transformer
100-420-047Small Transformer
100-420-048Mother Board
100-420-050Mechanical Relay
100-420-056Lid Microswitch
100-420-059Gasket, Front Control Panel
100-420-063Wiring Harness
100-420-103YCYellow Lead Wire W/Ends
100-420-104RCRed lead Wire W/Ends
100-420-113Seal Bar
100-420-113ASeal Bar Pop up Spring Assy.
100-420-114Cut Off Wire
100-420-115Seal Wire
100-420-116Vacuum Guage
100-420-118Cooling Fans
100-420-200Date Code Kit
100-420-421Pump Filter
100-420-445Door Latch
100-420-4896Control Panel Assy.
100-420-537CVacuum Hose Chamber to T
100-420-537PVacuum Hose Pump to T
100-420-537SVacuum Hose Solenoid to T
100-420-880Complete Lid Shock Assy.
100-420-973UHMW Spacer